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Interesting threads about defective UHD 4K discs

Defective 4K

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Interesting threads about defective UHD 4K discs

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AVS FORUM: Defective UHD 4k Disc List

follow: ... t.2948128/

REDDIT: 1917 4K UHD, another defective 4K disk pick up :( anyone else having these issues as of late?

follow: ... k_pick_up/

REDDIT: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 4K disc freezing?
follow: ... _freezing/

REDDIT: 4K Director’s Cut Issue (Midsommar)
follow: ... cut_issue/

REDDIT: Ex Machina issue?
follow: ... ina_issue/

REDDIT: Scratched 4K’s? (Lord of the ring)
follow: ... tched_4ks/

REEDIT: Was watching 4K tenet and 2 hours in it froze. Mind you I just bought the disc and right away from box to 4kblueray player. I pressed home button to get out of freeze on Blu-ray and this happened. Turned it off then on again it seemed to work.
follow: ... _it_froze/

REEDIT: LOTR 4k freezing ocassionally?
follow: ... ssionally/
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Interesting threads about defective UHD 4K discs


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