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Moderation instructions

Read first and carefully before sign in and using our forum. This section contains few topics about basic rules for a proper behavior on

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Moderation instructions

Message par bluraydefectueux »

The Moderation instructions are given internally to our moderators, but according to the staff they should be known by members (instructions are very close from the rules)

Those things are basic and fall within the common sense

Not allowed:

-rude langage
-no someone's identity or personnal informations (except with courtesy). For a public person there's no problem.
-Denigrate someone, a company, a brand etc. and above all disc manufacturers or record companies
-Excessive use of smileys
-A complete quotation of the previous message (that increase uselessly our database)

prohibed too: racism, hacking (torrents, ISO, download, hacking forums, ripping methods etc.), sexual content (except if you are experienced an issue with a pornographic blu-ray disc :D ;) ).

Our moderators and only them are able to judge the situation, they can lock a thread (our members can no longer post new messages) or they can edit and delete the offending passage, in case of advertising they will delete the message or the thread itself without warning.

The targeted member will be notified. If this member tries again to break the rules, his account will be deleted without warning and it will be over!

We have no time to lose and to give to such behaviors.
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Moderation instructions


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